Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oklahoma wants you to listen to the fetus' heartbeat - I mean REALLY listen to it before you get that abortion

The Oklahoma State Legislature overrode two gubernatorial vetoes for legislation that relates to the rights of pregnant women. It is now mandated that:

- a pregnant woman must view a sonogram of the fetus and listen to its heartbeat before having an abortion; and

- an ob/gyn has no legal responsibility to inform the pregnant woman that the fetus may have genetic defects or disorders.

The laws make no exceptions for victims of rape and/or incest.

One argument in favor of this legislation is that pregnant women should receive all the relevant information available in order to make an informed decision regarding the full carriage or termination of her pregnancy.

This argument fails, however, in consideration of the second mandate: that doctors may legally withhold information that could affect a woman's decision to carry a pregnancy to full term. Such condoned imposition of an individual doctor's personal belief is hardly in line with the standardized ethics associated with the medical professions.

The state of Oklahoma has in this way effectively subverted a patient's rights in relation to her protection from governmental as well as doctoral intrusion in her medical treatment experience.


  1. i'm all for states' rights, but it's shit like this that gives me revolutionary pause.

    in short, the marxist-feminist dialectic part of my brain is inflamed right now.

  2. Well this is because democracy has the tendency to take on a somewhat farcical character within a politically unregulated capitalist system