Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't worry, New Orleans - The government's got this one

We here on the Gulf Coast are having Barry over for tea tomorrow, in the hopes that he might do something about the demurely named oil "spill" that has killed 11 men, and is threatening marine wildlife, already endangered marshland, and the southern Louisiana fishing industry.

What currently passes as "cleanup efforts" is essentially a blame-game between BP, which is technically responsible for the management and operations of the now-exploded oil rig, and the US government, which is promising military intervention to quell the gush of oil before it causes more damage.

The global oil industry has been helplessly underregulated since its inception, and it probably will take a disaster like this to even spur debate on safeguard implementation.

BP and the government have demonstrated a truly alarming lack of preparedness for what has turned out to be the worst-case-scenario. A portion of the oil has been lit on fire in an attempt to slow its spread across the Gulf. A Coast Guard officer said of the burn: "It's a test...We’re trying to see how it works."

So we're left with a dirty (and
smelly) situation that nobody but the robots is rushing to remedy.

UPDATE: This is what we've come to as a nation. "The Ritz-Carlton in downtown New Orleans is accepting donations of nylons, hair and fur on behalf of Matter of Trust to create booms to combat [the] oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico."

UPDATE: Again, Jon Stewart explains it best, beginning at 5:37.

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