Thursday, June 24, 2010


That is, I would scoop it if I didn't think my editor at was going to post it any minute now - - - hey, Ben: post it, will you? It's not every day you come across such distinguished investigative journalism, amirite?

Here's a tease:

Canal Street between North Gayaso and North White Streets was momentarily closed to traffic this afternoon to allow for Mayor Mitch Landrieu's press conference outside the Regional Transit Authority Headquarters. Mayor Mitch was rumored to have been fulfilling a campaign promise to "dialogue" with city workers, but according to the yawning videographer across the street...

UPDATE: Here it is.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm totally famous you guys

Shtetl Chic is taking this show on the road, people!

A tease:

Local21A Protests Layoffs in RSD, Sodexo

New Orleans, June 16 - A rainy Tuesday afternoon flooded the streets with water and union members. Protesters - mostly custodial and cafeteria workers within the Recovery School District (RSD) - gathered at the SEIU Local 21LA on Canal Street to fight massive layoffs in the school district as well as what one participant called “outrageous” working conditions.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Liveblogging the crime scene across the street from my office

3:56 Guy across the street tells my coworker his TV and iPod got stolen from his house while he was gone. Apparently the robbers broke through one of his windows. The police are on the way, he says. It's only a matter of time before the circus begins.

4:15 The police roll up to the house.

4:26 The police question my coworker about two men he saw earlier this afternoon. MAYBE THEY WERE CASING THE JOINT, thinks my coworker.

4:46 Oh shit it's the CSI!

4:47 The lady detective has gloves on and maybe a magnifying glass?

4:48 My coworker says the cops asked him for a better description of the two men he saw walking from the house's backyard earlier this afternoon:

Coworker: They were wearing, like, shirts and pants. Nothing special.
Cop: That's all you can say about them?
Coworker: I can make something up if you want.
Cop: Well...

4:49 The cops are back at our office. There are two cops standing on the porch of the guy's house. The cops decide they don't need anything else from us, because we're unhelpful fuckheads.

4:51 A third cop rolls up. This makes a total of 6 NOPD employees, three of whom are standing around in front of the guy's house.

4:52 One of the detectives is leaving. I think he hasn't noticed the neighbors smoking weed on the porch next door.

4:55 The guy whose house got broken into is chilling with the neighbors. An irrelevant but interesting side note is that this guy has the cutest dog in the world. Its name is Maurice. I'm glad Maurice wasn't stolen too.

4:57 The police are back at our office?

4:59 The other neighbor is stopping by the robber-house for some gossip. It's become a neighborhood affair. Maybe I should take this opportunity to ask the neighbor why he has a giant desk chair on his front porch.

5:00 The cops are still downstairs at my office. I can't stealthily slip away so it looks like you, dear reader, are in for another few more minutes of quality liveblogging.

5:01 The detective has finally left the building. He has a serious-looking notebook in his hand.

5:07 The detective left in his car. The Crime Lab van is still parked outside. Maybe they found the missing TV and iPod.

5:13 Show's over, kids. Sorry it wasn't more conclusive or interesting

Further adventures with the NYU Registrar

This latest installment of "I thought graduating would put me out of my misery" is brought to you by the NYU Registrar's Office:

My health insurance provider is requiring documentation that I was a full-time student through the month of January 2010. They don't believe me or my bill-footing parents, of course, so I called up the NYU Registrar to request that such documentation be faxed to my mom, who's the primary insurance holder.

After being bounced around to various different representatives, I finally got to speak to my lovely friend Thelma. Thelma is my favorite Registrar person because we totally bonded during a three-week-long period back in February I call the Diploma Debacle:

Thelma: "We can mail you proof of degree completion within 1-8 months, Ms. Shneckers."
Me: "You mean my diploma?"
Thelma: "It may come in diploma form, yes."
Me: "So are you mailing my diploma?"
Thelma: "It depends."
Me: "On what?"
Thelma: [Silence]
Me: "I'm sorry, what's your name?"
Thelma: "Thelma"
Me: "Thelma, this is absurd."
Thelma: [Pause] "I know."

This time, Thelma told me to fax over my request for enrollment verification in writing, which I did immediately.

I called the Registrar's Office again this morning to check that they were on the case, which of course they weren't. I explained the situation to "Jason," who assured me that he would look into the issue:

Jason: "Let me do a little research to verify that this issue has been resolved."
Me: "It hasn't been resolved."
Jason: "Well, let me just check."
Me: "With all due respect, I'm telling you it hasn't been resolved. I requested that your office fax this letter, and we haven't received it."
Jason: "I understand."
Me: "I don't think you do."

Jason told me that someone at his office would be getting back to me within the hour. Of course nobody did, so I called back just now and Jason told me he talked to his supervisor and that the issue would be resolved, "pending acknowledgement."

I asked him what kind of acknowledgement was pending:

Me: "What exactly is the issue?"
Jason: "Well, I really need to check again with my supervisor..."
Me: "Listen, Jason, I'm not unfamiliar with the inability of NYU bureaucracy to function efficiently, and I'm sure this isn't your fault, but...
Jason: "I'll look into it."
Me: "What exactly are you looking into?"
Jason: "Your request, if someone's received it."
Me: "Do you mean someone lost my fax and you need me to send it again?"
Jason: "That would be good."

In any event, no sign of Jason's dignity or my verification letter. To be continued.