Sunday, February 20, 2011

My first run-in with the NOPD: It went well, considering

I was biking home last night on St. Claude, a main thoroughfare in my neighborhood, when I almost got run over by a cop.  I was waiting at the corner of Elysian Fields for a green light, and despite my reflective helmet, backlight, and pedal reflectors, a driver - with no signal flashing, it should be noted - decided to turn right into my path once the light changed.

I yelled "Hey! Hey!" until the driver noticed me, but she didn't slow down.  I was halfway through the lane trying to figure out my path of escape when I saw that she was wearing a police uniform.

"You're a cop?!?" I asked, incredulous.

"I'ma write you a ticket, bitch!" she replied.

Confused and scared, I pedaled furiously and got away unscathed, if just a little rattled.  The cop hopefully didn't attempt any more vehicular homicide that night.

Well there you have it - just a step in the long march towards traffic court justice.

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