Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Day-After Hump Day!

This has been a bit of a stressful period in your editor's life, dear Reader, what with the underemployment leaving a few too many hours in the week to watch Law and Order: SVU marathons while changing the font on my resume a hundred times in the hopes that Calibri might be my ticket towards realizing the value of an undergraduate degree in "Equality Studies."  In any event, it's been one of those days when you realize that maybe railing against the yoke of imperial oppression on your blog won't get you too far out of your $9/hour pay grade, and it certainly won't undo the recently discovered fact that your ex married the girl he left you for and now they're having a baby.

But such musings don't help anyone get through the day, and certainly not the kind of day that is sweltering so bad the cat hasn't moved in three hours.  But to this I say, Carpe diem, motherfuckers! Those dishes won't do themselves! Here are a few interesting things going on around town:

This salad I made:
And yes I know it looks like stewed tuna with kelp and blackberries, but it was actually semi-delicious and well within the parameters of the Shtetl Chic exclusive feature, Food I've Cooked That Looks Terrible And Might Taste That Way Too.

This bug I saw in my yard:

Seriously, the thing was demonic.  Nothing like a brush with nature to make you want to go inside.

And finally, the headline to this article, "New Orleans Resident Poised to Participate in World Championship Spartan Death Race." Don't fret, dear Reader.  It is not about me. The extent of my physical exertion lately has been coaxing the cat into learning how to roll over:

Kitty sez, just because you're bored doesn't mean I have time for this nonsense.

So with that, I am taking on the day, and I hope you have a splendid one as well.

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