Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weird Shit from the New Orleans Public Library: Volume 1

When I moved here from New York, I was so excited about making a new home for myself I gave very little thought to what “home” actually meant.  It took exactly one week for me to start missing things: first bagels, then pizza, then more substantive things, like walkable sidewalks and meetings starting on time.

I tried to create a comfortable space in my house that would bring me daily reminders of what I love about New York, like subway maps and photos of my family.  Yet there was always an unsettled quality about this space, and it wasn’t for a while that I realized it was because I had no books.

And with that introduction, I am proud to welcome you, dear Reader, to a new Shtetl Chic feature, "Weird Shit from the New Orleans Public Library,"  simulcast by the lovely women's group blog NOLAFemmes.  Check it out!

Thanks to the talented and wonderful Kate Fogle for suggesting the NOLAFemmes connection.

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