Sunday, September 4, 2011

Liveblogging Tropical Storm Lee, Part Deux

Not raining.

I'm hungry, Chloe says.
It's seven in the morning, kitty.  Stop stepping on my face like that please.
I'm hungry.
Okay, I'm getting up.
I'm hungry now.
I mean it.

Still not raining.  I'm going for a run, ie: fast walk.

Mmm, brunch.  The best meal of the day.  It's still not really raining.  Off to the gay parade.

Got to the Quarter at the "tail" end of the Decadence parade.  Good stuff.  It was drizzling for most of the time, which did not at all dampen my enthusiasm for the 90s-tastic outdoor dance party on Royal.  It is still drizzling, which means I have no excuse but to balance my checkbook and put away laundry and do other fun adult things that I enjoy immensely.

This storm is a bust, but has done wonders for my desk organization system!  What a holiday weekend.

I think that about does it for T. S. Lee.  There's been flooding in other parts of the city, but we're good here.  I would like to thank my fans for their undying support (especially Gaby and Mom), and Geico, for sending me so many sturdy envelopes that now hold my freshly organized bank statements, medical records, and James Baldwin interview printouts.  Too-da-loo!

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