Saturday, September 3, 2011

Liveblogging Tropical Storm Lee

Well it appears natural disasters follow me around, so it's only right to liveblog all of them.  It poured all through last night, and I understand that it will continue to rain heavily until the sin of humanity is washed out.  It is, after all, Decadence/Dykeadence weekend here in New Orleans.

So without further ado, here's what's happening:

I wake up to see my cat staring at me in the eyeballs.  This is very unnerving.  I wish she would stop doing this every day.  It is still kind of raining outside.

I go outside to put our garbage and recycling cans back on the sidewalk, the wind having knocked them over to the curb.  I go across the street to fix the garbage can for our neighbor, who tells me that the guy who just moved into the house next door had a heroin overdose the other day.  "He said it was his first time trying it," our neighbor says.  "Hmmm," we agree.  Time to go back inside.

Not raining at all.  Good thing I bought all that bottled water.

I go over to my friends' house, where we drink wine and talk about the impending doom.  One of my friends is in the Coast Guard, so I feel like if he's not worried, I'm not worried.

My Coast Guard friend is worried.


Home.  Making couscous.  Oh man, it's actually quinoa.  Why do I always confuse the two?  Still not raining.

Kind of raining?  What a tease.

I did not download enough Law and Order to last me through this tropical storm.  Good thing I have a shit ton of quinoa for provisions.

Storm preparations in full effect.  Got my water, about to take a nap, but not before watching that video of a teenage boy singing "Paparazzi."  He's so good, I seriously watch it like once a month.

Making tea while wearing a feather boa.  It is important to ride out natural disasters in style.

Here is a picture of Chloe the cat with a feather boa.  She is very unfazed by this whole storm business.  I have found that the number of page views on my blog increases dramatically when I post a picture of my cat.  This either means everyone else on the internet loves Chloe as much as I do, or my friend Collin is just clicking and reclicking on the links because he is weird also and likes pictures of cats.  But really who could blame him.  I mean, look at this punim!

My boy Campbell wrote this article for the Times, quoting Mayor Landrieu on this storm being "stranger" than others seen on the Gulf Coast.  We must not be misled by the on-again-off-again rain, the mayor says.  "Please do not be lulled."  Yet all this non-storm action is pretty lulling.  Bedtime for me.

We will continue this liveblog here.

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  1. click-click-click. more mistress chloe, please! quinoa with raisins is a nice combo.