Thursday, November 10, 2011

My powers of persuasion have been validated by the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Department

Many of you know that my commitment to justice very rarely yields positive returns, except on the rare occasion that my blogposts of rage are actually funny.

Yet following my stint with international fame on BBC radio, it appears that my powers are indeed sharp and forceful, and I can make real things happen.

Yesterday I reported that a car licensed to the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Department had a broken tail-light, an offense that trips up countless numbers of civilians in encounters leading to searches and arrests of dubious legality, a matter for which the New Orleans Police Department is under investigation.

Today, I saw the same car (license plate number 193515) WITH A FIXED TAIL-LIGHT.  While I was unable to snap a photo, as I was driving and that sort of multitasking activity is frowned upon by the Sheriff's Department, look out for this car and its brand new shiny and functional left tail-light.

So, Dear Readers, I have only you to thank for following my exhortation to pull that beast over and give him a what-for.  Congratulations, and know that I'm taking y'all to the top with me!

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