Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Liveblogging Hurricane Isaac, Part 2

Welcome back to the news from my living room!

The wind is picking up and rain is coming down more steadily. People are still driving around town, so I guess not everywhere is out of gas like reports alleged yesterday.  Curfews are in effect for surrounding parishes, and the mayor is saying to hunker down for real this time because "we are officially in the fight." Still no explanation as to what "hunkering down" is supposed to look like.

Photo by Jessi Taylor
A few blocks over, a friend reports that the National Guard has set up a surveillance station in anticipation of the devastation / militarization to come. Coincidentally, my neighbor told me that someone broke into a house on the corner of our street this morning.  "The neighbors saw him," she wrote on Facebook. "Police was on his ass like redbeans on rice. By the way is what I'm cooking." So while the city may be on high mediumish alert, at least we plan to be well-fed.

We saw our handyperson boarding up that neighbor's door after the incident, a scene which reminded me of the phone conversation I had with our absentee landlord yesterday. I had called her to ask her if we should be making any special preparations for the storm and she said, "Oh, that." Yes, darling, "that." I also asked if the handyperson would be coming by to repair the leaky windows and doors we've been hounding her to have fixed, and she said she didn't know. Wonderful.
Hurricane supplies

In keeping with that impressive effort to distance oneself from reality, I am planning on getting a lot of drinking reading done while I'm on lockdown at home. I started by skimming an email from the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans which read, in part:

When I think about the name of the hurricane, I revert back to the Bible. Isaac was the middle child sandwiched between two charismatic forefathers. Isaac was weak and manipulated by his wife and sons. He was more reactive than proactive and left very little mark on our heritage except for the afternoon mincha prayer. Something to think about...

Thank you, Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans. As a middle child, I take great offense to your extrapolation of negative meaning from Isaac's birth order. I hope they name a hurricane after you.

Soundtrack: Maybelle and Sarah Carter's "Cannonball Blues"

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