Sunday, September 2, 2012

Liveblogging Hurricane Isaac, Part 4

Dear Loyal Fan Base,

The following post was just about to be uploaded shortly before our power went out Tuesday night. Luckily for you, I subscribe to two adages in life: "Waste Not, Want Not," and "Better Late Than Never." Also, "The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round." But that's "Neither Here Nor There."

So without further ado, the missing post:

It's almost bedtime here at the Shtetl, Dear Readers, so you get this one last live update before I go snoozy-bye.

Recent installments:
Chloe is above the influence
  • Lots of power outages are being reported around the city. Don't worry, Mom, I bought extra flashlights.
  • My cat is handling the hurricane stress like a champ.
  • I made sweet potato fries that are only a little burnt.
  • A tree fell where my friends usually park their car on Alvar Street. Good thing they moved it this morning.
  • "Water and electrical devices don't always mix," according to our resident meteorological experts over at NPR.
  • Don't yuck my yum
  • I am getting shit over my recent report in which I shared that I had been enjoying a fine and icy PBR at my friend's house. "Surely you can upgrade the beer selection," my critic suggests. Well if only I weren't so busy hunkering down all the damn time, I might have had time to consult my local sommelier, thank you!
  • I see your Monument to
    Fallen White Soldiers,
    & I raise you a parking space

  •  I got in a minor Twitter battle with @NOLAReady over the use of the hashtag #deep, as in "The water is #deep." Another interesting use of hashtags is evident in their recent warning that "the water under 1610 [sic] Underpass is deceptively deep & citizens should NOT try to cross it. #TurnAroundDontDrown #NOLAReady." Thank you, @NOLAReady. I hope all the drivers trying to cross the 610 underpass consult Twitter before doing so.
Okay, chiefs, it is time to go, mostly because I cannot stand NPR anymore and our power is probably going to go out soon oh wait it just did. I will keep you posted as to my whereabouts and whyabouts. And if you are my mother / grandma / other concerned party, please don't be alarmed. "All's well that ends well."

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