Sunday, September 2, 2012

Liveblogging Hurricane Isaac, Part 5

New Orleans: ever optimistic
 Well hello again, Dear Readers! Although this "liveblog" has become more of a "nonblog," I assure you I have been thinking sassy thoughts during this 5-day power outage in New Orleans, Louisiana, and fortunately for you, O Patient Ones, I am willing to share them here in this very public forum.

When I last left you, my adopted city was under siege by Hurricane/Jerkface Isaac.  Collateral damage took out my power and internet, so I've had little to do in the interim except drink heavily, sweat in the 95-degree heat, and curse Entergy (our electricity provider). Many adventures befell me during this time, and I tried to document most of them on Twitter and in frantic/reassuring texts to my mom.

Most of the activity happened when my roommate and I went exploring the neighborhood during the hurricane, which turned out to be more like a really fucking long and windy rainstorm.  We visited our neighbors, making sure they had plenty of food and vodka to last them through the storm.  We also checked on some evacuee friends' houses to see if they had been damaged or looted (no, and no, thankfully, although someone broke into our neighbor's house on the corner and was quickly apprehended by the National Guard. Apparently the guy who saw the robbery taking place was on vacation visiting his friends / my neighbors, and later went on to rescue someone's dog from the gutter. I guess you learn quickly that nothing normal ever happens in New Orleans, and anyone can become a hero.)

My roommate and I also snuck into the Delicious Kitchen on N. Rampart to watch our friends prep for guerrilla empanada-selling in the aftermath of the storm, when no one had power to refrigerate or cook food.

The lack of power was by far the worst part of the experience, rectified only this evening in my neighborhood. But we were able to make lemonade out of lemons - or "lemon juice solids," if you were eating MREs, but more on that later - and have a nice Clean-Your-Fridge Potluck Party with lots of creative dishes (did someone say kale & cream cheese dumplings?). You'd be surprised to find out how many different hot sauces you own until you have to completely empty your refrigerator: we have 17.

Below you will find some photographic highlights, as the power is now back on and we bid adieu to remnants of Isaac. (Sorry the layout is so wonky - Blogger makes it very difficult to edit photos & captions once you stick them in.) Missing is the snapshot we took of the beloved Mike's Grocery staff members, one of whom was guarding the store with a - I shit you not - samurai sword.

A house collapsed on Galvez & St. Philip.

Poor Laura was cutting jalapeños for Empanada Intifada and came down with a mystery burn on her hands. We tried to heal her with various crap from our house but it was dark and we couldn't really see what we were making her slather all over herself. She was eventually cured, but we're not sure how.

Parkway PoBoy had some wind damage.

This fence hiding the AT&T fiber optic whatever on my block fell on my neighbor's car. When AT&T came to fix it, my neighbor flirted with the repairman so he would hook up her freezer to their generator. This was obviously not her first hurricane.

I think the water supply is supposed to be inside the house, but I could be wrong.

Train track parking on Chartres Street

Fallen branches & trash can on Chartres Street

We went foraging and found this mystery citrus.

Downed tree & fence on Alvar Street

Empanada Intifada feeds the Bywater on Friday morning.

Wagner's had some roof damage but was open for (limited) business.

They say St. Claude Ave. isn't safe, but this isn't the usual reason.

Y'all can prolly just pop that back in.

Playground hazards in the Treme

Busted tree in Bayou St. John

I've had some good times under this Bayou St. John tree.

We didn't need this fence in our backyard, anyway.

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