Monday, October 29, 2012

Liveblogging Hurricane Sandy, Part 1

Friends of the Shtetl may be aware that when there is an extreme weather event, I usually have some shit to say about it, at least when it's convenient for me.

Today I received a request from a Philadelphia-based fan (hi Kristin!! miss you!) who wanted me to liveblog Frankenstorm/Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy for her personal entertainment while she's stuck at home awaiting the doom and glory that is a natural disaster.

Although I don't live in the geographically affected regions, I do have loved ones in the storm's path, and I am happy to impose my interpretation of events on them and the rest of the Internet.

So here goes - Liveblogging Hurricane Sandy, Part 1

I am at work. Nobody else is here. I think I will sing Joan Baez songs to myself, loudly.

Oh wait, there is someone here. Upstairs. I hope he likes Joan Baez.

Got a text from my mom: "So far just rain and littke [sic] wind but i think the water from the Hudson is coming into Battery City."

I wrote back: "Ok stay dry!"

As you can see, I am a true model of filial piety.

My friend L. is stuck in New Jersey because her flight home to New Orleans has been cancelled. She can't get an airline representative on the phone and the airline website keeps crashing. This is what you get for going to New Jersey in the first place.

I thought about eating a burrito.

I ate a burrito, which just goes to show you that when you will it, there is a way.

The internet is out again at work, possibly because the City of New Orleans is acting in solidarity with its northeastern brethren who will surely lose power soon. Either that, or shit is just wack as usual.

I texted some NYC/DC friends to make sure they had enough to drink. I am disappointed in their lack of preparation. Newbies.

Checked in with Mom. She is knitting. The dog is safe. All is good so far.

I called my sister who is being docked a vacation day for not going into work today, even though public transportation is shut down and parts of Lower Manhattan (where she works) are under a mandatory evacuation order. Shit's bogus.

My coworker asked me to take a walk with her. Doesn't she know I'm documenting important historical analysis here?

Okay, friends, til next time, I remain your faithful correspondent.

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