Monday, October 29, 2012

Liveblogging Hurricane Sandy, Part 2

Liveblogging Hurricane Sandy, Part 1 HERE

The clock in my office is stuck on 10:16am. This must be why I keep eating breakfast.

10:16am (again)
I was mad when I ran out of breakfast, but then I realized it's almost 4pm and I'm not even hungry.

I am strangely fascinated by this article detailing what just might be the final blow to America as we know it.

Checked in with some Eastern Seaboard friends. They seem bored. I'd offer them breakfast but I don't have any.

Supposedly the storm is worse than they expected. My level of concern has also risen, except my level of being able to do anything about it remains the same. They haven't evacuated Rikers Island, even though they should.

I am having a pumpkin-carving party tonight. You should totally come by.

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