Monday, October 29, 2012

Liveblogging Hurricane Sandy, Part 3

Living far away from home, I find it is often difficult to know what's going on with my family, especially in times of national emergency. My younger sister, E., lives even farther away, in London, so we try to share family news whenever we come across it.

The following is our latest text exchange, edited for capitalizations and clarity:

Me: Hey not sure how in touch you are but everything seems to be fine so far with Mom, Dad, et al

Sister: Hah I am VERY in touch. Britain is very interested in everything that happens in America so it's pretty much taken over every single news channel. And our offices in New York have been shut so we get emails about that. But thank you for letting me know!

Me: Wow. That is so global. I am also liveblogging. For no reason. Call me a storm chaser.

Sister: Yeah I was gonna ask about that...

Me: My friend asked me to. But I have nothing to say. So I am talking about how boring my day is.

Sister: That's the beauty of Britain - they're very into global news. So I think I know more about what's going on in the world than I did in America.

Me: Yeah I think that's true of most places outside the U.S..

Sister: Dad's like "some bars are still open" and I'm like "are you at a bar..??"

Me: Haha that's the way to do it. Mom just said "status quo."

Sister: Hahah the BBC lady goes "Our weather is a little more straightforward: It is raining, and it is foggy. That's all!"

Me: Ha. Hey do you know how to make lasagna?

Sister: Sort of.

Me: Like what's the order of noodles, sauce, cheese and stuff? Noodles on bottom then sauce? Stuff then cheese? Cheese then stuff? So many options.

Sister: I think sauce, then pasta sheet, then meat. Argh confused now haha

Me: No definitely noodle on bottom. Like a crust. Otherwise it will be too soggy.

Sister: No. Becasue the noodle needs something to smush on. So you press it onto the sauce. ay who knows

Me: Not us. So I ran a half-marathon this weekend.

Sister: I'm 90% sure you put sauce on the bottom.

Me: Haha

Sister: It keeps the noodles from sticking. Then noodles then sauce then cheese then noodle, sauce, cheese, reapeat.

Me: Damn I don't want to ask Mom because there's a hurricane and that's kinda inconsiderate. But where does the stuff go

Sister: What stuff

Me: Spinach. "Beef"

Sister: Judgment call

Me: Like a pizza, after the cheese. I'm putting all this on my blog.

Sister: Sure!

Me: For posterity.

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