Monday, October 8, 2012

They have different words for things in the South

I've been teaching Hebrew School to fourth graders, and in a quasi-culturally dissonant "kids say the darndest things" episode yesterday, the following exchange took place:

Me: The Torah is very important to the Jewish people. It is so important that Jews have risked their lives to preserve it over time. There are stories about Jews that smuggled parts of the Torah scroll in their clothing while they tried to escape the Holocaust.

Student: Did your family escape the Holocaust?

Me: No, they came over earlier. They were from Russia and they were running away from the pogroms. Does anyone know what pogroms were?

Students: [Blank stares]

Me: Pogroms were when the soldiers and people came and burned Jewish synagogues and businesses and homes and told the Jews they had to leave or else.

Student: Oh, like the Yankees?

Me: The Yankees? ...Oh, those Yankees. Um, yes, kind of.

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