Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lenten Challenge, Day 3

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Yesterday was the third day of my Lenten Challenge to not eat food in restaurants, and it was also the day when the real question became, "How much hummus can one person safely eat?"

The answer has yet to be determined but I think Sabra should be glad I'm not Boycotting, Divesting, and Sanctioning them, because they would seriously take a hit this month.

In related anti-colonial news, I was waiting for my bourgeois comeuppance with this project, and it arrived yesterday at work when I was again unable to enroll my client in a food pantry program because he's - get this - underage. Never mind that he is basically homeless - apparently in the City of New Orleans you need to do some serious legwork to get food to a hungry minor. Programs do exist to provide for such needs, but they are so underfunded and have such specific eligibility requirements that it's almost not worth going through the whole rigamarole unless you know a sympathetic social worker who can fill out the forms, you know, "properly."

In any case, I am eating - unlike my client - lots of apples, cucumbers, and avocados and am expecting to soon have the clearest skin this side of the Mississippi, if only I can stop also eating grilled cheese and chocolate chips. And they say vegetarians are so healthy.

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