Friday, June 26, 2015

A note on the Supreme Court's decision to affirm same-sex marriage

I remember being in my high school's student publication room watching the news when Massachusetts started allowing same-sex marriage. I also remember nobody else in the room caring.

Hopefully someday, gay marriage will become as mundane as non-gay marriage.

Hopefully someday, marriage will no longer stand as the arbiter of legitimate relationships in this country.

Hopefully someday, people will recognize that our struggles are connected, and that "not caring" is a way to keep others down.

Hopefully someday, people can just be who they are without having a whole big deal about it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Some things I am interested in these days

being kind to people you know and don't know
taking a compassionate stand in life
reading books about different cultures
listening respectfully to people who trust you with their stories
not being an asshole
deconstructing stigma of mental illness and drug use
renaming streets after real heroes in American history
tearing down monuments to hatefulness
saying "I love you, you matter" while people are still alive
not being too hard on yourself, but being a little hard
helping people become better versions of their selves
helping people become as blessed as you are
petting cats and dogs
laughing with children
earning consent
behaving like a wild thing
behaving like a controlled thing
believing in your stars
coloring a picture
riding your bike
marching for justice
growing food
playing your instrument
avoiding pain
dealing with misfortune
walking the line
toeing the line
dispensing with the line entirely
being unafraid to say and do and believe unpopular things
singing your song
dancing your dance
taking up space