Lenten Challenge 2013

Follow along as I, a Jew who hates to cook and lives in a city renowned for its culinary culture, give up eating out in restaurants for Lent. Join me on 40 days of feasting with indifference!

The Chronicles
Days 1 and 2: "Why is this Jew giving up something for Lent?"
Day 3: "Food for the hungry"
Day 4: "Does your fitness/fatness have any bearing on what kind of person you are?"
Days 5 and 6: "Being Jewish in America: Some of my best friends are Christians!"
Days 7-13: "Purim, and why cooking is so much better when other people do it for you"
Days 14-17: "What is St. Claude Main Street up to this time?"
Day 27: "Going to the candidates debate"

Day 40: I'm at Jung's. Sorry for being a slacker on this project. Lessons learned: Cooking at home saves on money and sodium intake; having friends cook for me salvages flavor and social skills.

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